Martha Stewart Pole Dancing

by Irma Arkus

Every once in a while, television and the Internets conspire in an unholy alliance to produce something so vile that it can only be called irresponsible. I present to you Martha Stewart “pole dancing” video.

Yes, what is itching your lobes is tucked expertly between Yarn Cards and How to Choose a Lamp Shade. If we weren’t into horror, it would have stayed there, but every once in a while, I need to feel a few chills too.

Here comes brrrrr.

  • genevieve

    oh my that was a lot less exciting then I hoped. She is very old and kind of lacking in spirit and it shows. very unexciting and disappointing. The worst part is that I heard this video did not show up in the archives of the Martha Stewart show for variety of reasons. I just don’t know what those would be?

  • Anonymous

    martha stewart kinda blows. she’s as exciting as most grandmas are…NOT. I always wonder how she got to be so famous – gluing shit on paper and whatnot. the reign of her terror must be over soon and as evidenced by this spectacle she’s about to croak any minute