Hugo Awards

They happened about a couple of weeks back, but I forgot to post about them. Doctor Who even won!!! Here is what wrote about it.

Steven Moffat’ first series episodes The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances won the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) at the 2006 World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, California on Saturday, besting two other episodes which were also nominated for the same category — Paul Cornell’ "Father’ Day" and Rob Shearman’ "Dalek" — as well as an episode of the SF series "Battlestar Galactica". The Hugo Awards are the science fiction community’ most prestigious honors, awarded by the World Science Fiction Society at each annual convention; the "long form" Dramatic Hugo was given to the 2005 film "Serenity".

I do not object to any of these choices, however, I did have a particularly big soft spot for the Dalek episodes. Hopefully some of the eps from this season make it two in a row.

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