ADV Launches Download Service

ADV, one of the biggest anime distributors in North America have launched a new anime download service. The files are in windows media (ugh), are dub only (ugh), and cost $4.99 US (double ugh). In other words for 4 episodes that is $20 bucks US, which is the same cost of a dvd, minus extras, flashy menus, top quality picture and sound, but also no Japanese audio with subtitles. RIP OFF!! It is such a shame too since the software and ability has been out there for a few years now to have dvd quality sound, picture, as well as multiple audio and sub tracks all in one file. Not only that they are clearly overcharging for a service that could have had fans, and especially those who download fansubs for free, downloading in droves. They also could have given a nice tip of the cap to the clearly superior open source codec programming people that started out because of the inadequacy of such formats as Windows Media, but have also constantly and consistently trounced anything the big Redmond Monolith could ever hope to produce.

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