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Torchwood Characters "Will Do Anybody"

And when i say anybody I mean anybody. Just based on the first two episodes it is clear that RTD is deliberately attempting to blur the lines between homosexuality and heterosexuality in the characters of Torchwood. If you can trust wikipedia there is an interesting little bit on this subject. Speaking of the first two eps Jevon is liking it btw. Although I am hearing some mixed takes on it from a few of my close cohorts.

Wiki Article on Bisexuality in Torchwood

Scary Stories!

Google has posted a great collection of scary stories for download. Everyone from Stoker to Wilde seems to be up there so go check them out if you want get into the proper mood for the season.

Scary Stories Online

Pumpkin Carving

So its almost Halloween and you want to make sure you have the coolest pumpkin carving ever? Here are some ideas I found today. Evil Mad Scientist has posted step by step guides on how to build a Dalek Pumpkin or a Cylon one, complete with motion and voices!!!

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You can even watch it moving…

Dalek Pumpkin
Cylon Jack-o-latern


The Sept 29 Show I forgot to upload. It has all the dope on the VCON with a couple of the people who are responsible for running it behind the scenes.

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