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Bored Tonight?

If you are bored tonight, which is November 24 in case you are wondering, I would recommend going out on the town to check this out. I copy and pasted it from an email btw…

Hey everyone! Director Matt Seagle and I put a team together and participated in the Blood, Guts n Gore competition this weeked and our short film, "Tainted" will be screened this Friday. It stars Ursula Petrykowska, Drew Taylor, Jennie Leaver, Elena Esovolova, Seth Little, Chris Griffin and myself. Hope you can make it! Tickets are $10.00 at the door – details below. Love, Lori Watt Producer "Tainted" Screening Evening

– Friday November 24th at the Maritime Labour Centre 1880 Triumph Street
Vancouver. (Victoria & Triumph. 3 blocks north of Hastings) – Doors open at

– Drinks

– Hosted by comedian MC

– Screening of all films

– DJ and music

Sounds cool, no?


Finally the script liked us this week. Enjoy the sounds of Nov 10!

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Tracklisting for Nov 3 Show

I have been getting some requests to start posting tracklistings for the music that was used on the show as background and breaks. So I will hopefully start posting these. Here is from Nov 4th, which was last week’ show.


Main Themes
1. The Rapture – Whoo! Yah Allright Uh Huh
2. Blog 27 – I Still Don’t Know Ya

Background #1
3. Aphex Twin – Untitled (Four Tet Remix)
4. Move D – Eastman
5. My Robot Friend – One More Try
6. Old School Freight Train – Kelly Watch the Stars
7. Radiohead – Snttbrain (Four Tet Remix)

Break and Song
8. Chicks on Speed – My Space

Background Set #2
9. Extra T’s – The ET Boogie
10. No Luck Club – Triad Zone
11. No Luck Club – Corporate Spy Hunter
12. No Luck Club – A Better Time Will Come

Fade Out:
13. Presets – Are You The One

See you next week!

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Lego Doctor Who

Better than Lego Star Wars? Well maybe not. Check it out though

Lego Doctor Who

GO Speed GO!

A Summer 2008 premiere has been given to the new adaption of Speed Racer, which is being notably written and directed by the Wachowskis. Both of the brothers have in the past admitted they are anime fans and they have already had anime representation made of the Matrix, now it is going to be their turn to adapt anime. Should be interesting.

link to the news article


The October 27 show filled with spookiness, and the interviews with two local Bloodshots contests winners.

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