Tracklisting for Nov 3 Show

I have been getting some requests to start posting tracklistings for the music that was used on the show as background and breaks. So I will hopefully start posting these. Here is from Nov 4th, which was last week’ show.


Main Themes
1. The Rapture – Whoo! Yah Allright Uh Huh
2. Blog 27 – I Still Don’t Know Ya

Background #1
3. Aphex Twin – Untitled (Four Tet Remix)
4. Move D – Eastman
5. My Robot Friend – One More Try
6. Old School Freight Train – Kelly Watch the Stars
7. Radiohead – Snttbrain (Four Tet Remix)

Break and Song
8. Chicks on Speed – My Space

Background Set #2
9. Extra T’s – The ET Boogie
10. No Luck Club – Triad Zone
11. No Luck Club – Corporate Spy Hunter
12. No Luck Club – A Better Time Will Come

Fade Out:
13. Presets – Are You The One

See you next week!

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