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Jesus the Anime?

This story was posted on animenewsservice:

"1-17-07 (11:05AM EST)—- Jesus Film Goes Anime
Originally distributed in 1979 by Warner Brothers in theaters nationwide, the two-hour "JESUS" film is not only the most widely-distributed, but also the most translated film in history—with more than 900 separate language translations and more than 6 billion exposures globally, topping Oscar greats Gone with the Wind, The Sound of Music, The Lion King, Titanic, and The Wizard of Oz. Now plans are on the table to adapt the story to anime. The JESUS Film’ Chief of Staff Greg Gregiore says, "A number of different things that we're doing have to do with innovation, or with taking the assets of the JESUS Film that we have and repurposing those assets." "We're taking the audio tracks that we have translated and re-recorded over these past 26 years and putting new visuals to that. And, we're working on right now an Anime version of the JESUS Film." It'll be a bit different than the current film, says Gregiore. "We will reorder the events and make more of a story and a dramatic film out of it. But, we're still using God’ word as recorded in the book of Luke, we're using the same dialogue loops that were used in the original JESUS Film." While the completion of the project is more than two years away, Gregoire says, "That visual with a new musical score, new sound effects and use of the same dialogue, so in effect when we complete the film we will be able to simultaneously release it in over 900 languages." Because it’ already translated. Two short segments are going to be field tested soon. Pray that God will allow the new project to be completed quickly and on budget."

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The January 12th Show featuring an interview with Jason Christie, author of i-Robot.

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Scott McCloud on NPR

I was listening to a great program tonight featuring Scott McCloud, who is a lecturer, scholar, artist, and fan of comic art and comics in general. It is in hour 2 of the broadcast, which I have linked for download or if you want to check out the podcast you can do that too. The discussion ranges from techniques to the idea of perspective to state of comics today including what he calls the three big movements in graphic fiction, manga, and web comics in the Western Comic Audience. Real interesting listen and well worth the listen!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Enjoy the last show of 2006!

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