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Doctor Who Starts Tomorrow

Without much build up of marketing induced suspense, Doctor Who Series Three (or like season 29 or something) starts tomorrow with the Good Doctor checking in with his new companion. Check the BBC site for all the details including the trailer which features Daleks, mayhem, yelling, some goths, and what looks like the actor who played Sam Tyler on Life on Mars. Needless to say I am psyched. It airs on BBC one, but of course the torrent should be up somewhere around very soon after words. UP THE TENNANT!!!

Doctor Who site at the BBC

Spring Anime Previews

Over at RandomC’ anime blog a nice long list of the shows set to debut in the big Spring Anime season. Along with the usual cast of what studios, Voice Actors, and production staff are involved, the list also includes a short synopsis for each show along with a brief word about what RandomC seems to expect from each show. Definitely worth the look if not for the torrent at the bottom of the page that is a nice collection of over 20 different preview clips for the shows RandomC. In terms of Science Fiction, there seems to be a large amount of Mecha series being released, however there is also a good old school scifi epic to look forward to in the Towards the Terra series that has got me personally excited. There is also the same mix of bad dating sim shows, girls with guns, and of course the token mancandy show featuring an all male cast cavorting with one another with no female in sight except for the target audience. Nevertheless, there is a high amount of truly promising shows this season, which is a big improvement over the fall.

RandomC's Spring Anime Season Preview

Foreign Adaption Oddities

Irma and I usually rage on the show over and over again about the bad American adaptions that are made of British, Asian, or other World shows or movies into shows or movies however it goes both ways. Here are some hilarious foreign adaptions of North American based favourites like Superman and Turkish Star Wars, etc.

More Weirdness

New Sun Images

We forgot to mention this on the show, but some new dazzling images of the sun have been released, and they show the sun doing some most unexpected things that were previously thought impossible. Check it out.

Sun Article And Images

Ghost Hound Announced

It is not everyday that the announcement of a coming anime series gets me this excited, but this one certainly does. Due out in the fall is Production IG’ (yes the company that did the anime bit in Kill Bill) 20th Anniversary Project and it will be headed up by none other than Shirow Masamune, the creator of Ghost in the Shell, who will be writing scripts. They also have Ryutaro Nakamura (Serial Experiments Lain, Kino’ Journey), scriptwriter Chiaki Konada (Serial Experiments Lain, Big O), and character designer Mariko Oka (Jing: King of Bandits) working on the series that will be airing on Japanese TV station WOWOW. These are some heavyweights of the industry so naturally this makes this a definite title to get excited about.

Japanese Homepage

Bush Admin Lies About Enviro

Just like we reported a few months back in regards to Exxon and big oil financing Scientists to deliberately fudge data of global warming, the Bush Administration has been outed for doing the exact same thing. What a great example the world is being shown. Check the link for all the rotten stomach turning details.

New Scientist Article

The Harvey Girls: Our History Is Your Kitsch

by Irma Arkus

The Harvey Girls are rockin’ smokin’ band, with ooh-lah-lah girly sounds accompanied by prog-pop sounds, all lullying about. The best part, they are no greedy pigs, and their freewear album is available on site. The Harvey Girls are not only pretty, multi-talented sirens, but accept donations as well. So, check out their noises.

Mac Horrors!

This guy went on an amazing streak of streaks. 6 macbooks in 7 days. All faulty. Check the link.


This Wednesday is Pi Day!

This Wednesday, 3-14, is Pi Day. It will be celebrated at 1:59 pm in which you can honour the concept of Pi and the warriors who dare to recite the digits for World Records or to prove their Mathlete status. Warriors such as Chao Lu, a Chinese chemistry student, who rattled off 67,890 digits over 24 hours in 2005. It took 26 video tapes to submit to Guinness. I wonder who had to watch all of those and confirm he was not screwing up…

Article about Pi Day

Leonardo Institute

The Leonardo Institute at SFU, the same group that brought you Cory Doctorow’ lectures, are holding another interesting lecture on March 21. It is on Intellectual Property Issues in Software, another frequent topic of our show as well as a topic that came up during Cory Doctorow’ lectures. This one will features Doran Ingalls is an associate in the Business Department of Fasken Martineau DuMoulin, one of Canada’ largest law firms, as well as Dr. Rob Cameron, who apparently is quite up on current US Patent Office practices in regards to software. Again this sounds pretty cool to me. For more info check the link.

Lecture Info from Leonardo Institute