Spring Anime Previews

Over at RandomC’ anime blog a nice long list of the shows set to debut in the big Spring Anime season. Along with the usual cast of what studios, Voice Actors, and production staff are involved, the list also includes a short synopsis for each show along with a brief word about what RandomC seems to expect from each show. Definitely worth the look if not for the torrent at the bottom of the page that is a nice collection of over 20 different preview clips for the shows RandomC. In terms of Science Fiction, there seems to be a large amount of Mecha series being released, however there is also a good old school scifi epic to look forward to in the Towards the Terra series that has got me personally excited. There is also the same mix of bad dating sim shows, girls with guns, and of course the token mancandy show featuring an all male cast cavorting with one another with no female in sight except for the target audience. Nevertheless, there is a high amount of truly promising shows this season, which is a big improvement over the fall.

RandomC's Spring Anime Season Preview