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Mallozzi Interview Repost

For those of you listening today and want the full Mallozzi interview click the link for the original post and download the goodness. Joseph Mallozzi was kind enough to sit down with us over lunch a couple of Saturdays ago and chat with us about what it is like to be one of the Executive Producers and Writers for Stargate Atlantis, SG-1, and of course talk about a whole range of topics like anime, fans, and writing. Well worth the download,

The Original Post

Air is Licensed

ADV got it. I don't believe it. Could Kanon be next, who knows? Do we care? Maybe….

Air Licensed

Sam Raimi vs. George

George Stroumboulopoulos interviews Sam Raimi the director of Spiderman and of course other movies. EVIL DEAD BABY! yeah… check the link…

George vs. Sam

Robert J Sawyer is in Town!

Reading from and signing Rollback
White Dwarf Books
3715 West Tenth Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Monday, April 30, 2007, 7:00 p.m.

He is here with the band so go! Check the link for more details

Sawyer Signing!

Sony Takes Heat over DVD Encryption

This week Sony has been taking heat over encryption on DVD releases such as Casino Royale and Pirates of the Caribbean: Deadmen’ Chest, which has rendered the discs unplayable on a number of players. Sony has blamed older players for not upgrading their hardware and arrogantly brushed this aside. Some of these players are pretty standard top name brand manufacturers such as Toshiba and LG that are not reading the discs. Another problem is that newer players and particularly computers interpret the encryption that these discs use as errors and will attempt error correction resulting in failure. This whole exercise of course is an absolute joke, which goes beyond simple copyright protection. By attacking other companies and their firmware, Sony is simply trying to make consumers buy not just new dvd players, but ones made by Sony. Of course thanks to the good kids in the internet I have linked a simple codec that bypasses this mess for computers at least. Nevertheless, this whole process is completely annoying. People buy things because they expect them to work, not to be beaten over the head with complications. Looks like I won't be buying any of these DVDs anytime soon.
Article about the Sony underhandedness
Computer Decrypter
A program that bypasses this mess

One Piece is Funimations'!

4Kids has long been the scourge of Anime fans, refusing to release titles in their unedited glory and releasing only hacked up, ridiculously edited, horribly dubbed, insults to the original source material. One Piece was one of these titles. Now, according to this article One Piece might actually get some justice done to it. Check the link!

One Piece and Funimation

Happy Yuri Day!

and no I do mean Japanese lesbian comics, today, April 12, is the anniversary of the First manned space flight by Yuri Gagarin back in 1961. Google is celebrating with a graphic on their main search page and so should you.

Wiki Article on Yuri

Bandai Visual Panel

One of the last panels I went to on the weekend was that of Bandai Visual on Sunday morning at Sakura Con. Seated with me were a number of other press types and all of us had one goal: to grill Bandai Visual over there unbelievable pricing scheme for their entry into the North American market. For those of you who do not know, Bandai Visual is a new anime distributing company in North America, which has already released the much anticipated and gorgeously done Gunbuster OVA box, which I purchased almost right away as I had been starving for this on DVD. However, their policy on other series seems shockingly out of tune with the North American audience they plan to reach. They are releasing such series as Galaxy Angel Rune with only 4 episodes 7 minute episodes per disc at a price of $50 dollars US, and other titles like Freedom, an OVA series that was previewed at the con, one 25 minute ep per disc at the same price. This compares with the usual practice of North American companies packaging four 25 episodes per disc at $20-$25 US for new releases. in other words you get much better value as has been demanded by fans in North America. In fact, the market has tilted towards the buying of boxsets, which have been priced reasonably and have been rushed out once a series has been released in total on dvd. Another trend is companies falling all over themselves to sell special limited edition boxes that look like pieces of art on the book shelf for $10 dollars then the simple slip cover and clear plastic jewel case that Bandai Visual is offering. Their response is that this is the price that Japanese people pay for DVDs in their market, and they are right, but they are not taking into account the North American market and its demands. At the panel, they were confronted by this, and you can even listen to the panel and the questions being asked of what turned out to be the President of the company by clicking the link I have posted below. If you listen close enough you can hear me in there, but also Karl Olson (from, Kyle Pope (from, and Jesse Betteridge (from, who raised some very good points that unfortunately it looked like Bandai Visual was not prepared to deal with. Judging by the first slide of their powerpoint presentation, they believe that they know what anime fans want, but only time will tell if they listen to what fans actually want because their pricing scheme is only going to be their downfall.

Bandai Visual Article on ANN

New Star Trek TV series?

Rumors appeared today of the groundwork for a new Star Trek series to be called Cardinal. they even have plans for seven bloody season drawn out. Check the link, this is kind of funny really.

Star Trek Cardinal

IP and the Modern University

And since I upped some reading, here is some audio. This is an interesting post from of an audio recording from a panel not at Sakuracon, but from USC and a discussion that was held there on exactly what the title of this post is about. Enjoy, because I certainly plan to. You can download the audio from the link posted too btw.

Boing Boing Article