Sony Takes Heat over DVD Encryption

This week Sony has been taking heat over encryption on DVD releases such as Casino Royale and Pirates of the Caribbean: Deadmen’ Chest, which has rendered the discs unplayable on a number of players. Sony has blamed older players for not upgrading their hardware and arrogantly brushed this aside. Some of these players are pretty standard top name brand manufacturers such as Toshiba and LG that are not reading the discs. Another problem is that newer players and particularly computers interpret the encryption that these discs use as errors and will attempt error correction resulting in failure. This whole exercise of course is an absolute joke, which goes beyond simple copyright protection. By attacking other companies and their firmware, Sony is simply trying to make consumers buy not just new dvd players, but ones made by Sony. Of course thanks to the good kids in the internet I have linked a simple codec that bypasses this mess for computers at least. Nevertheless, this whole process is completely annoying. People buy things because they expect them to work, not to be beaten over the head with complications. Looks like I won't be buying any of these DVDs anytime soon.
Article about the Sony underhandedness
Computer Decrypter
A program that bypasses this mess