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William Gibson&’ Neuromancer is a go

An indie movie adaption of Neuromancer just got the green light. Look for it in the next year or too and get as psyched as me.

Neuromancer is go!

TV on the Cheap

$10 lousy bucks is all it costs now to keep a tv station going. Well, broadcasting that is. In order to cut costs, a new station in North Otago in New Zealand is using a kitchen wok to transmit its signal to the surrounding area. Yes, a wok. The New Zealand Herald did a nice feature on this so check the link.

Wok TV in NZ

Quote of the Week

Author Terry Goodkind talks about critics:

"Why would they continue to read books they claim are bad? Because they hate that my novels exists. Values arouse hatred in these people. Their goal is not to enjoy life, but to destroy…"


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