Bionic Woman

Premiere of the show garnered huge success. Considered the highest rated show yet to grace our screens this year, Bionic Woman is one more 1980s’ idea re-hash, this time around played by Michelle Ryan. The pilot for the show featured very different rough cuts, and actors.

Jamie Sommers’ kid sister was initially less of a cheerleader – a sort of normal looking, a bit pudgy, average orphaned teen with her own problems – namely, hearing disabilities. Knowing the American love of people with disabilities (the less you see them, the less you have to think about your inadequate health care coverage), this was quickly repaired by re-casting of Lucy Hales as Becky Sommers with that distinct 16-going-on-30 hotness.

Katee Sackhoff plays the FIRST Bionic Woman, a sort of glamour creature with serious emotional problems who also happens to be very adept at killing. The role itself is not that distant from BSG Starbuck, and I personally cannot get enough of her. The rumours are that once BSG’s fourth season comes to an end, Sackhoff will ease into a more permanent role in Bionic Woman. This I do not mind at all. My current rule of thumb is “the more Sackhoff, the better.”

Now come the growing pains though. The show itself has had tumultuous times, with writers signing on and promptly leaving. And how bad do you have to be in order to mess up the very “introduction of Bionic Woman”? The stuff practically writes itself!

Whether the show lives up to the expectations is the question of the week. We know though, that in order to do so, it has to adopt a stringent quality control and tread into the subversive and provocative themes of today and tomorrow. For once, I would like to see a show that tackles on some of the more repugnant issues concerning the public – you know, like Superman did way back in the day. But something tells me that instead, this will be a sort of Superwoman of the yesteryear show. Now back to watching.