Moonlight: A Very Sucky New Show

This week also marked a premiere of Moonlight, a new show about…wait for it…a Vampire who “moonlights” as a PI! What will they think of next?!

Oh boy, it seems that the generation that had those three-martini lunches, and way too much coke snorting, has completely run out of ideas! At this point I am begging for Bruckheimer to come up with a new show. Yes, we have reached an entirely new low point, but back to tragedy of the “new and exciting.”

Moonlight is not starring Bruce Willis. Instead, the vampire in question is played by Alex O’Loughlin. The show constitutes the most boring concept ever conceived with vampires in it. He is slick, immortal and smart, and fast, and lives in luxury towers, sleeping in a fridge….making Blade look like a work of a genious alien mastermind. Yes, he is a private eye, and has a thing for a smart girl. Need I say more? All this together makes Moonlight so dull.

I miss vampires and werewolves. I ache for another Joss Whedon, or Whedon-like copycat. I miss the action, the gritty of teeth and nails; the sexy and the dirty, hungry, conflicting co-existance of evil and good, with lots of grey areas in the middle. And Moonlight, unfortunately, will not provide me with any of that.