New Amsterdam: Immortal + Detective

If you didn’t think you heard it before then you should have your head examined, or just look below towards review of Moonlight.

Or maybe I should have my head examined.

After all, the number of shows where supernatural meets detective work runs in perpetua, and I am exhausted, bored and frustrated. New Amsterdam, bearing so many semblances to numerous other show formulas – Immortal Detective Guy Meets a Girl – that not even Fox had the guts to show it to the world yet. In the meantime, it has been set for the back burner, aimed at replacing whichever show fails Fox first in mid-season. Fox network has been well known to cancel shows in a merciless, thoughtless manner. So much, in fact, that it often has to bring them back (ergo Family Guy). Unfortunately, the not-so-drawn shows are harder to resurrect, because staff tends to disperse and look for other jobs, sets get dismantled and are costly to rebuild (remember Farscape?).

The X-factor on this show is the appearance of Zuleikha Robinson, who you may fondly remember as Gaia in “Rome” – a wench/mercenary that made my blood boil. One of those actresses that are captivating due to their strength, beauty and intelligence – a rare combination. Noone has seen a stitch of this show yet, which means that its qualities were deemed insufficient to showcase at the beginning of the season. On the other hand, we just may be lacking in mediocrity by mid-season, and I personally still hope we may be surprised by what the storks may bring for holidays.