Blood Ties: Favorite New Show

The most exciting new TV show is Vancouver-made “Blood Ties.” It actually has some surprisingly good features that make this show unique. In fact, this show is my personal favorite pick of the season. Although already showcased in US in its entire first season, you would do well to try and catch it from beginning.

Blood Ties features Christina Cox as Vicki Nelson, a former cop who, because of severe eye degeneration (aka. going blind) retires into a job of a private detective. By accident, she glimpses a case that leads her straight into the belly of the supernatural underworld, battling demons, monsters and vampires.

Vicki is a female lead unlike any other this season (and yes, that includes you Bionic Woman). She is intelligent and reasonable, and new to the whole “scene of supernatural action.” She is not 18, or 16, yet she is smart and attractive. She is…a normal human!

To offset the whole “normality” is Henry, a vampiric son of Henry VIII, who finds Vicki of interest, and even though he may appear to be very young, happens to be a very old, intelligent, and resourceful agent. He is a positive spin on the old vampire schtick.

The show is endearingly written and created by Peter Mohan and Tanya Huff. And even though it relies on very un-original conventions, the show’s writing is fresh and hands a new spin on the old stuff. Blood Ties may be sitting on a roster of this season’s supernatural shows, but it is a cut above its competition. Watch it and I promise – no regrets.