History of Radio & Rise of Computing

SFGate has an article on history of computing and how it relates to invention of the radio.

One of the more intriguing aspect of history of radio, was that many inventors have contributed to its rise. The period of end of 19th/ beginning of 29th century was chock-full of inventors that worked in their garages and back yards. Many attribute this to concept of technological determinism, but many also like to point out the exchange and availability of information that sprouted many amateur engineers and afficionados. This was partially due to a flurry of available engineering publications, readily available to its subscribers.

The question is, if it weren’t for this exchange of information, now kept in academic journals only accessible to select few members of academic institutions, would the radio have proliferated? Would computing ever exist? Perhaps freedom and exchange of information, and free access to education, instead of heavy enforcement of intellectual property protection and copywright laws, should be something to look into, if we are to look forward to the next generation of inventors?