First Look: Pushing Daisies

Rating: 3 Monkeys, 1 Banana

Even though the first glance at the concept for Pushing Daisies was giving me the yawns, the final result has been endearing, delightful, funny, imaginative…everything that a decent comic-relief of a show should be. OK, I admit, of all the funny stuff I’ve enjoyed recently, which could be summarized with a handful of pertinent titles (Weeds, Arrested Development, Painkiller Jane – I know, the last one not meant to be funny, but still…), not a lot of recent shows actually surprised me, except for this one.

Pushing Daisies features Lee Pace as Ned, who has all these special abilities to revive dead by a mere touch. Of course, this special power comes at a price and has rules. Time of revived is limited – if extended, it comes at a cost of someone else’s existence (a la Carnivale) – and if Ned touches them EVER AGAIN, they immediately perish.

Yes, Ned uses his powers to…wait for it…solve some private eye cases!!! Boooyah! Bet you didn’t expect that!

Aside from this rather boring premise, there is the impossible romantic tension, a rather charming cast, and a sort of cheeky darkness to an overly cheery-looking surface to the look of the show itself. Overall not bad.