Your Rights: Ripping Your Own CDs Is Stealing?

Sony issued a statement in court, in regards to fair use issues. According to its representatives, making “a copy”, any copy, of music that you yourself own in a form of a CD is also considered “stealing.” For example, ripping your CD to your mp3 portable player, or your computer is an act of theft. I guess someone has been smoking crack, and now we know who that someone is.

Just because a multi-million dollar industry is drowning in its stupidity, due to the fact that it hasn’t changed its business model since the 1060s, does not mean we’ll bend over backwards to be shafted by a whole lot of rich people who want to preserve their source of funds. No, I will not be happy about laws and regulations that are meant to preserve an empire of crusty old business moguls who have been taking advantage of musicians since the ol’ vinyl days. Britney Spears could have used a bit less ass-shaking routines, and a bit more school, and I for one will certainly not be working hard to have her illiterate ass make more millions of dollars, or for that matter, millions more for her record company.

It is certainly not the first time and industry underwent severe changes. My favorite example is the article on French button industry. Yes, those rich button makers had to relinquish their exclusive button club. Free the buttons!