Battlestar Galactica: Razor

Life is unfair. Especially when it comes to how it behaves in relation to my favorite TV. Current release of the fourth and final Battlestar Galactica season is hanging in the air. There are rumours that it may be as far as 2009 until we finally see the those familiar fleshy faces again.

Meanwhile, they have to feed the frenzy, and there is no easier way of doing so than trying to develop Battlestar Galactica as a franchise. You have a body, now add tentacles. Presto, we get full blown action delivery in Battlestar Galactica: Razor. I know, it even sounds sharp and cutty.

Intended for special X-mas release and then straight to DVD for that extra present in December, Razor features the adventures of Pegasus few months prior to its meeting with Galactica.

We will get to experience the growing pains of Number Six, and her transformation from a crew member to ultimate Guantanamo victim. Michelle Forbes will give us an insight into just how much manhandling Admiral Helena Cain had to perform to keep the ship in order. Last we’ve seen her, before her doomy doom death, she was the female Skeletor, cruel, dispassionate, sneaky, dangerous and ready to blow heads off. Simply put, a majestic femme fatale, whom most men would follow to their deaths. On their knees. And that’s not all.

Razor is not only going to be trapped in Pegasus universe, but will rather present us with what we want – more Kara, President Lara Roslin, Adama, and the rest of the gang.

Till then *sniff* all I have is reruns.