“Blade Runner: The Final Cut” Released

The most surprising news of the weekend is the release of “Blade Runner: The Final Cut” as Ridley Scott yet again decided to give the film a work-over. Yes, there is now, one more version of the film. What is the surprise? The fact that it made far more money in its select theatre release than expected. The other surprise? That Blade Runner has withstood the test of time. The first cuts of films resembled a crude detective story, but the subsequent editing resulted in what we now consider a film that has transcended time. The curious thing about Blade Runner is that it is the zeitgeist film. The more time passes, the more it hits on current themes we grapple with: genetic engineering, the overwhelming power of industrialist privateers who clone disposable humans, the issues surrounding value of human life and human experience, and many others…and now, it seems to be more relevant than ever. Which is, as I always say, what good science fiction does best.