by Irma Arkus

What used to be taboo is no longer so? Highly debatable, but when it comes to sex, it seems that the new generation has grown up. Few blame the Internets, and the series of tubes that bring us truckloads of pr0n. I, on the other hand, would like to think of us as exposed to such variety and intricacy of human relations, desires and preferences, that we are OK being ourselves, and we are fine with others being themselves too… You know, maybe Iranians don’t have homosexuals, but if they did (*insert sarcasm here), they would probably realize that there isn’t much to feel odd about. Nothing dangerous, strange or devious about having two guys or girls being a couple. Certainly, no more strange than coupling a guy and a woman in a body-bag.

But the ideas of sexuality are intriguing, curious and time consuming (just think how much time you spend thinking about it. there, point made.) Thus we bring you two events that should tickle your mind, and possibly give you inspiration to write many MA papers.

The first is Arse Electronica conference on pr0n – see HERE.

And then there is the magic of Wired, with their coverage of first Adult Show in Japan.