Porn Freedom

The judgment has been handed, striking down US Code 18,2257. Previously introduced to curb child pornography, the code required that anyone producing “pornographic” content must keep meticulous documentation of its participants. In other words, even if you yourself make a little home movie with some extra “action sequences,” you have to have all this extra paperwork done, and kept as records for five years, for officials to examine at any time. And that seems a little much for such an unimaginative filmmaking.

This means that pornography sites, amongst them the newly minted, will have free reign to accept all those videos that you’ve shot with your girlfriends, and that you will be able to submit them for public viewing. Of course, the sites themselves require participants to be consenting to making these videos, and they regulations of participants being 18 and above.

Another interesting tid-bit that arose with the floodgate of pedophilia stories of the last few weeks was that with increase of availability and consumption of pornography, the sexual crime rates have actually decreased. All in all, great news for pornography everywhere.