No DMCA Legislation in Canada Until Next Year

Jim Prentice, the Industry Minister responsible for the possible tabling of horribly restrictive Copyright Laws, has again withdrawn the tabling of the legislation. The minister has flip flopped back and forth over whether or not he was going to table the legislation for consideration by parliament over the past week. Nevertheless, the 10 am EST time deadline for tabling of legislation came and went today with nothing, which is crucial as today and tomorrow are the last two sittings of parliament before the winter break. this pushes back the chance for Prentice to actually consult the electorate rather than the few American industry lobbyists that are clearly behind this legislation, as the minister has made quite clear. In other words, now is the time to keep the pressure on your MP, your MLA, and even the senators, as the Upper House even raised questions about this issue as of late. So stay involved as it is and has continued to be yeilding some genuine results as shown by the flip flopping by Prentice through out the week. If you want to get up to date there are a great set of links on the Fair Copyright For Canada Facebook community at as well as a great newsfeed to keep you up to date with all the happenings via your browser at . So get involved and keep your voice audible in Ottawa.