Bittorrent Tracked

According to an article on and, Central Park Media, one of the older North American Anime and Manga licensors and distributors, announced the details of a study they did on anime related downloads via bittorrent. They hired a research firm to look into the matter and it has been reported that in one week an average of 6 million anime related downloads over bittorrent take place. The company they hired is Media Defender who are known for being hired to “packet,” “decoy,” and “spoof” p2p software such as bittorrent in order to attempt to frustrate the downloader. Various other companies do this, but it is an extrodinarily difficult task considering how bittorrent works as a piece of software. Decoying and spoofing only work if false seeds are created, which in fansubbing is difficult as the fansubbers, and DVD rippers for that matter, create their own torrents and gain their own seeds. The anime industry even acknowledges the futility of stopping bittorrent piracy, as quoted in the article:

Viz Media’s Senior VP of Strategy and Business Development Daniel Marks told the audience at the ICv2 Conference on Anime and Manga, “no way to shut down BitTorrent piracy.”

Companies like ADV have even embraced the technology to distribute trailers and episodes in order to promote their releases on DVD. In other words, this is an old company wasting their money exploring something that they can not stop, they can comprehend, and they can not police. Nevertheless, the article did tell me that CPM is till around as a company. I found that much more newsworthy given the lack of any real releases in years. Here is the article: