I Threaten you With Magics!!!

In case you were wanting further proof the USA and its bureaucracy are insane, Boingboing.net and the guardian.co.uk have even further evidence for you. Ginger Cruz, the deputy to the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction and self professed Wiccan, is currently under investigation for illegal activities in the department. This is all part of a wider investigation by the FBI into wrongdoings by the department responsible for Iraq’s redevelopment, which is hardly a surprise. The FBI are going on employee complaints of mismanagement and the wanton abandon of awarding dubious fraudulent contracts as well as just wasting tons of money in general. I know, ground breaking stuff. Anyways, in the story, there is report of Ginger Cruz warning employees that she would use magic against them including hexes and curses. I guess getting “fired” in this case literally meant getting “fired.” Read the full article here if you are interested: