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PDF Download of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing

DC Comics is offering a free PDF download of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing issue one. Head over to for more info on getting a hold of a digital copy of one of the gods of comic book writings work.

Michael Bay Can Not Leave Well Enough Alone

Not content with ruining Transformers, Michael Bay is part of a team that is set to relaunch the Nightmare on Elm Street films. I can not wait to see Freddy amongst the inevitable masturabtory military montages that Bay seems to put into every one of his films. Check out more info Here and enjoy the sounds of millions of horror fans sharpening their razor fingered gloves to stab their own eyes out.

RIAA Pushes For $1.5 Mil per Copied CD

No you did not read that title line wrong. As part of the current PRO-IP Act being debated in the US Congress right now, the RIAA is pushing for a fine of $1.5 Million per copied CD that a potential “copyright infringer” would make. Basically this would mean being faced with this enormous and irrational fine every time you made a mix CD to enjoy with friends on a road trip. For more talk about this check out the article on Ars Technica And here I thought the US was against the government propping up companies and letting the market determine things. Do I smell NAFTA infringement? Do I smell irrational lunacy? All in all, along with the whole Guilani thing this is adding up to a right week of weird in digital rights.

Scientist Revive Memories

According to an article posted at the British News site for the Daily Mail Scientists working on a patient with an eating disorder were administering electrodes targeted at parts of the hypothalamus. What happened is that the patient began recalling memories from 30 years ago. Whether this is some sort of conditioned response, or some sort of brain interpretation of stimulus, nevertheless the result of reviving memory is an interesting development.

More Vagueries From ADV

As posted on ANN

“We know there are a lot of rumors swirling about, and that fans are looking for assurances that ADV will continue to distribute the anime series they know and love.

While we can’t go into any detail at this time, please know that ADV is working through a few short-term challenges and fully intends to continue our releases.

We thank you for your patience.”

(Courtesy of an ADV Films Spokeperson)

In other words, there is trouble in paradise. I am guessing there is something going on with the structuring of their distribution in that they want to release it one way and the Japanese creators, the original licensors, want it another. Japanese Licensors usually insist that DVD’s are distributed as single volumes over a certain time before box sets can be released. This is then ingrained in the licensing agreement with North American anime distributors once they purchase the license to a series. ADV, along with other companies, have had success selling box sets of different series. They could be wanting to distribute on or more box set oriented basis. This of course would require renogiating the license that ADV would have obtained. There is also the possibility of reworking distribution. This would make sense considering the pulling of trailers, episode previews, and the like from online before all of this mess began.

Nevertheless, the speed of the distribution of licensed anime properties in North America is again proving to be problematic. One of the advantages of fansubs and the reason for their existence and popularity is of course the price, but also the speed in which they are made available for English North American anime viewers. ADV is jeopardizing their properties by delaying them in this fashion in that speed is being affected here. Shows like Gurren Lagann enjoy a huge amount of hype based on their fansubbed digital formats, a hype that can and in the case of other titles, be cashed in on. This creates a window of opportunity for licensors to cash in on, and when problems like this occur, the titles get delayed and it gives time for hype and anticipation to be transferred to something else.

Ether or I would love if ADV would be more open here with its customers and potential customers. I for one am excited about getting a chance to get my hands on some Gurren Lagann goods because it was one of the best shows in a long time. It is frustrating when there is an utter embargo on information surrounding what is going on at ADV. This of course does nothing to soothe the fears of people who are already freaking the living poop out of themselves.

Chuck Norris: A Man with a Thousand Faces

For those wondering what Chuck Norris is doing today, look no further – Chuck Norris Facts. Now go you puny humans and pray that Chuck Norris does not smite you!

Any contributions of such FACTS are welcome.

Raimi does Terry Goodkind TV

After Spidey III, we all wondered what Raimi would do next. Turns out, Raimi is busier than God. His newest project is “Wizard’s First Rule,” based on Terry Goodkind’s fantasy novel series, “The Sword of Truth.” Wizard’s First Rule will be a television production, and Sam Raimi is both producing and directing the series.

Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” has made history, as its release in 1994 marked one of the most successful best-sellers in the history of publishing. Moreover, it was the first novel Goodkind ever published.

The Sword of Truth features a young woodsman, Richard Cypher, who resides in Westland area, a territory bereft of magic. Cypher is faced with murder of his father. While trying to find identity of the murderer, he encounters Kahlan Amnell, a young woman who is hunted by the deadly quad. Kahlan is revealed to be from the other side of barrier, trying to locate a missing powerful wizard in hiding.

For more information on Terry Goodkind, visit his website.

Poof Goes Titles from ADV

According to ANN A large amount of titles have suddenly been removed from ADV Film’s website, store, and trailer section. This includes such hotly anticipated titles as Gurren Lagann!!! Needless to say people are freaking out that ADV has lost the licenses or is going through some massive turmoil. This is perhaps a possibility, but it is also perhaps a shift in marketing or branding as I don’t see the company going anywhere, no matter how far it is lagging behind the strength of Viz and Funimation in the market place. Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.

Guilani Proposes ID Cards for Internet


GOP candidate Rudolph Guilani, the former mayor of New York, has proposed a true idea of hilarity as well as insanity that thumbs its nose at everything net neutrality holds dear. Guilani proposes ID cards in order to access as well as navigate the internet. We already technically have those in the form of IP addresses that can pin point location in the real world. Nevertheless, even that can be proxied, faked, hacked, and ghosted in order to dynamically change your true IP to something else entirely and retain the true anonymity that is so valued on the internet, and not just on 4chan. what is to say something like this would not be subject to the same realm? For example, even attempts to censor the internet in China, and to outright restrict it in Myanmar, has been met with the resiliency of the technology and the people who use it. Chinese bloggers who have felt not only the wrath of their government, but also being turned in by companies like google, have cleverly used proxies in order to maintain their freedom of anonymity, but also the freedom of their voice. In Myanmar, outside groups have acted as middlemen, and the growth of freely available satellite technology such as google maps, has allowed for not just surveillance, but the continued flow of information. ID cards, such as what Guilani proposes are not only heavy handed and ridiculous, they are ultimately useless. Just like the spice, the information must flow, and flow it will.

Happy Birthday Lego

Lego turned 50 today. To mark the big day, Google has thrown up a nifty Lego themed logo, but more important thousands of enthusiasts all over the world are celebrating by creating huge monstrosities with the connectible little coloured blocks including yours truly. However, I will not be doing anything like the World Record Attempt being undertaken in the UK. Maybe just a cool spaceship with my old space logo. Nevertheless, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEGO!!!