Newtype USA is Dead

According to an article on , the big glossy super expensive, poorly translated and review doctoring magazine for North American Anime is dead. ADV, the publishers of this magazine in conjunction with the Japanese publisher Kodokawa Shoten, have dropped it in favour of publishing a new unnamed magazine. This comes as a shock considering that this magazine was once a juggernaut in terms of sales when it came out in 2002. I remember personally finding it hard to get my hands on a copy at local stores, as all anime fans “had to have it.” However, those same shelves have grown into vast dumping grounds for massive collections of back issues, crammed into every little nook and cranny of shelves. Also, Newtype has always been terribly low on information. The info it would contain would already be months old or was just the same Gundam article over and over again. Hopefully the new magazine that ADV is planning is going to be far more informative, far cheaper, and far more varied in terms of the titles it covers. Pretty pictures can only go so far, and not at 18 freakin bucks a month. Anyways, my grumblings aside, the word is over at ANN here: