Adbusters – Will Sue the Media…

by Irma Arkus

Been MIA for a while. What between a faulty knee and a genuinely bad flu that brought on some major coughing fits, I’ve been missing for what seems like forever. So what have I been doing? Well, ladies and gentlemen, not as much as the rest of you. So, let’s review:

Adbusters, has brought on a suit against…Canadian Media – Global Television, the CBC, and the CRTC, have been named in suit by Adbusters. What! What! What!
BC Supreme Court will be hearing this unusual case. Apparently, Adbusters has been trying for years to buy advertising space from commercial broadcasters.

Now, we all know that generally, commercial media has limited interest in all of us, since we do not have millions of dollars of advertising budgets.

Adbusters, however, has been saving their coin in a giant piggy bank, eventually using the piggy to buy some air time. Executives, however, have declined to SELL THEM AIR TIME!!!? Furthermore, they have provided no explanation for their decision.

Turns out, you can’t just pull out a few thousands out of your pocket and demand your ad be seen. It’s not just about money. The old “free market” adage does not apply, as the broadcasters seem to be supporting particular advertising clientele, rather than public at large.

And that is the position of Adbusters: “This case will decide if Canadians have the right to walk into their local TV stations and buy thirty seconds of airtime for a message they want to air,” says Kalle Lasn, editor-in-chief of Adbusters.

Chris Burden made Through the Night Softly, showing himself crawling through shards of glass. The art films was shot in black and white, and was pretty odd and disturbing, like all good contemporary art should be. Through the Night Softly was shown on television after he bought 30 second spots. The Burden video made art history…and so will Adbusters.

I ask of you to question your broadcasters, write your letters, and if you have some legal skills, donate some of your time to pursuit of public expression!