G.I. Joe: Casting Fever

by Irma Arkus

If you thought that casting for J.J. Abrams’ StarTrek was an event, G.I. Joe seems to be heating up. There is a fight in the air and the current champions are: TV messiah Matthew Fox (Lost), teen eye candy Channing Tatum (male stripper from Step Up) and king of smug, Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, and Sunshine).

I think excitement could be built up by generating a reality TV show, where all actors vying for the role could duke it out by winning variety of contests on air. We can even have a special baby-oil/unitard selection. This would both build a pre-audience for the film, and generate insane amount of publicity. This could revolutionize the way we watch tv and film. Not bad, huh? (btw, if any of you execs steal this idea, I am suing. why? because it’s mine.)

ps. this is what happens when I am sick for 3 weeks and do nothing but watch bad TV.