A Look at Newtype’s Replacement: PiQ

As a follow up to, the Newtype is dead story I wrote here , Comics212’s Christopher Butcher , has an exclusive look at the mock up for the magazine known as PiQ which will replace Newtype USA. Although the article makes an interesting break down of what we are to expect from the magazine in terms of content, it makes a shocking contradiction about what we are to expect. According to the article, ADV, the magazine’s publisher, is quoted as saying that the magazine will be “entertainment for the rest of us, squarely addressing the needs of a cutting-edge young male audience,” which quizically resulted in Butcher stating at the end of the article that the rest of the comics industry needs something like this ike this “to supplant the rampant misogyny in Wizard’s magazine.” How is this going to be possible with a clear statement of intent from the publisher that the magazine is going to be directed at young males? So now not only does this magazine possibly going to be hampered by the obvious problem of the review page being neutered and muzzled by ADV in order to push its own products, but it will also continue the same tradition of ignoring the massive female audience that anime and manga and also “nerdom” in general that the magazine industry has perpetuated.