Further Casting for Cirque Du Freak

Ken Watanabe has been signed on to join the cast of Cirque Du Freak, the latest Vampire movie/attempt to replace Harry Potter. The cast already includes Salma Hayek as a bearded lady, and John C. Reilly, who plays a vampire who enlists the help of a 14 year old to help in the fight between vampires and their rivals, the vampanese. Yes, you read that right, the vampanese. The movie is based on a 12 volume series by Darren Shan, and clearly neither the book or the movie have literal regard for the possibility of existing racial slurs being read into the content regardless of how effective they make the blatant racial rivalry symbolic of problems that exist in reality. There is also the possibility of transcultural thematics in that the 14 year old protagonist is made into a half vampire. Nevertheless, Ken Watanabe is in it and there is a bearded lady, so this might just turn out to be an interesting mess.