Guilani Proposes ID Cards for Internet


GOP candidate Rudolph Guilani, the former mayor of New York, has proposed a true idea of hilarity as well as insanity that thumbs its nose at everything net neutrality holds dear. Guilani proposes ID cards in order to access as well as navigate the internet. We already technically have those in the form of IP addresses that can pin point location in the real world. Nevertheless, even that can be proxied, faked, hacked, and ghosted in order to dynamically change your true IP to something else entirely and retain the true anonymity that is so valued on the internet, and not just on 4chan. what is to say something like this would not be subject to the same realm? For example, even attempts to censor the internet in China, and to outright restrict it in Myanmar, has been met with the resiliency of the technology and the people who use it. Chinese bloggers who have felt not only the wrath of their government, but also being turned in by companies like google, have cleverly used proxies in order to maintain their freedom of anonymity, but also the freedom of their voice. In Myanmar, outside groups have acted as middlemen, and the growth of freely available satellite technology such as google maps, has allowed for not just surveillance, but the continued flow of information. ID cards, such as what Guilani proposes are not only heavy handed and ridiculous, they are ultimately useless. Just like the spice, the information must flow, and flow it will.