Raimi does Terry Goodkind TV

After Spidey III, we all wondered what Raimi would do next. Turns out, Raimi is busier than God. His newest project is “Wizard’s First Rule,” based on Terry Goodkind’s fantasy novel series, “The Sword of Truth.” Wizard’s First Rule will be a television production, and Sam Raimi is both producing and directing the series.

Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” has made history, as its release in 1994 marked one of the most successful best-sellers in the history of publishing. Moreover, it was the first novel Goodkind ever published.

The Sword of Truth features a young woodsman, Richard Cypher, who resides in Westland area, a territory bereft of magic. Cypher is faced with murder of his father. While trying to find identity of the murderer, he encounters Kahlan Amnell, a young woman who is hunted by the deadly quad. Kahlan is revealed to be from the other side of barrier, trying to locate a missing powerful wizard in hiding.

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