Katsura and Toriyama Team Up!

Akira Toriyama, famous for Dragonball, Dr. Slump, and Sandland, and Masakazu Katsura, famous for I”s, DNA^2, and Video Girl Ai, are teaming up for a one shot comic in Japan’s Jump Square. Katsura and Toriyama have long been friends, and Katsura has even spoofed the art of Dragonball Z in the drawing and appearance of his Megaplayboy character in DNA^2. Nevertheless, it is Toriyama who is more well known for the action, while Katsura is more popular for romantic male angst in his work. Both are insanely talented artists though and both also have great story telling instincts when working in the comic form. No details as of yet, but my money is on this being an action title. Just too bad it is only a one shot offering. Check out ANN for more details.