CheckerBooks Releases More Crossgen

One of my favourite comic book publishers has always been Crossgen, who sadly slipped and fell into bankruptcy and scandal, devastating a range of interesting titles that pushed into many under represented genres in North American Comics. This of course included the total grand awesomeness of Ruse, a Victorian Detective styled comic with a jerk/genius master detective lead and his equally punchy female partner who secretly harboured magical powers. Disney acquired the rights to many of the titles, including Ruse, which is rumored to have a script for a movie somewhere, along with a company called CheckBooks who obtained the rights to publish some of the Crossgen titles in collected graphic novel format. Anyways, three of those graphic novels came out this week including Negation Hounded Vol. 3, Sigil Vol. 6, and Soujourn Vol.6. You can get details about these titles over at Comic and of course pick them up at wherever you purchase your graphic novels, and revel in the unfinished stories that were being created as part of the vast and mostly interlinked universe of Crossgen. You can also check out what some of the creators got up to following the death of Crossgen in 2003 over at, which unfortunately, just like Crossgen itself, is no longer around. But through the wonders of web archive, the site is preserved for anyone who is interested.