Japanese Toys are WTF!!!

Mugen Puchi Puchi or Infinite Pop-Pop, a toy in Japan for obsessive compulsives, is a key chain that simulates bubble wrap packaging that everyone loves to pop. These however do not end up popped or used up once anyone does an Ace Venture styled tap dance all over them. Bandai, the makers of these little oddities, have recently relased a new line of these little key chains catered to moe obsessed fan boys that drool over harem shows like Girls Bravo and Happy Lesson. They are releasing a “moe” version of the keychains featuring the voice actress Rie Kugimiya, famous for her roles as Shana in Shakugan No Shana and Louise in Zero No Tsukaima. Once you pop the bubbles this versatile voice actress talks to you in four different archetypal moe obsessions such as the “little sister” or imouto, and many others. Check out the article on ANN for more examples of why this sort of thing makes my skin crawl. Either that or check out the Virtual Blogs Bandai has posted for each of the characters. So yeah, more proof of the wonders of Japanese toy makers.