Feb 10 Raid on Scientology

I talked about it on the show so I thought I would post a little follow up. I went down and scoped out the Vancouver Protest and they got about 200 people out there with signs, masks, and fliers. Quite amazing. However, the real amazing thing is the scope of this as a world wide event. Sure, the numbers in some spots were small, but the amount of cities and people involved is truly something to behold especially considering this was an entirely internet phenomenon. Check out the details including pics and videos over at the Wiki that Xenu.net has put up to cover the event as a whole. Sure, it may be easy to dismiss it as nothing more than a protest against stupidity, and may be as empty as a left over beer at Jevon’s house, but as an internet inspired and executed event this is definitely something to be considered a little more deeply for its significance.