Brit Parliament to Lay Down the Law on Filesharing

The British parliament are playing hard ball with British ISPs. The government is threatening to push through a bill that would force ISPs to cut internet from people who illegal fileshare or download copyrighted material. This appears as part of a plan to press the ISPs to make a deal with the British Entertainment Industry, which has reportedly stalled over talks of introducing a voluntary program to combat illegal filesharing as it is defined under British Law. According to the article, over 6 million people are estimated to be downloading illegally in the UK. That is a lot of people to start smashing around. There of course is also the problem that has been sited over how to arbitrate things like “piggybacking,” which is when someone uses someone else’s internet connection. There of course is also the issue of proxying, dynamic IPs, and ghosting that makes this idea seem ludicrous. However, the law when taken into context, is merely a ploy at trying to get results out of the negotiations between the Entertainment Industry and ISPs while at the same time indirectly backing an Industry that has writhed around like an aging dinosaur and has been unable to cope with the digital revolution YET AGAIN!