BSG Season 4 is Coming!

Can you feel the excitement? One of the best shows on television in the past few years has been BSG that is grown slowly into a massive juggernaut with in pop culture and DVD sales. The fourth and final season is set to kick off April 4 in the US on the SciFi Channel, as well as everywhere else on the internet that distributes tv show downloads. However, to get you excited, there is plans of back-to-back half hour specials on SciFi, and no doubt on the internet as well, on March 28th. The first special will be a clips episode getting n00bs up to speed on the last three seaosns. The second will be a look at which celebrities happen to think the show is the bomb. Sure, both are going to be little more than poor televised excuses for DVD Extras that they will no doubt become, but they will still serve as a cool way to countdown to the big premiere and the big mutual spasm of joy that will come just days later. Check out Scifiwire for more info.