Comic List and Picks for Feb 13

The Weekly Comic List from our friends over at Comic, and since I did it a couple of weeks ago, I figured I would make a couple of picks again for this week. After all, what better way then to spend Valentine’s Day then to cuddle up with a loveable lover like a comic book? Or two in this case because there are two books in particular from IDW Publishing that I am quite intrigued by. The first is the fifth in a series of adaptions of Cory Doctow’s works into comic book form. This time “I, Robot” is on the menu, which was a smashing read, capturing beautifully the thematics of Assimov in Cory’s usual awesome flair for prose. If you are as interested as me look for Cory Doctorow’s Futuristic Tales. Good title too, eh? Another good one is the third in a series I have been picking up, which is Doctor Who Classics #3. This is a series of reworkings of classic Doctor Who comics featuring brilliant artwork of the classic Tom Baker era doctor in full science fiction campy glory. This issue wraps up the “Iron Legion” story that began in issue #1 and sends the doctor into a new one entitled “The City of the Damned.” This has everything a Doctor Who or a classic science fiction fan would want in a comic. As always check them out in your local comic book distribution area of preference.