Pop Bottle Off to Space…Using Soap

CBC reports of a British Columbia engineer, Ken Schellenberg a.k.a. Mr. Widget, who is attempting to propel a pop bottle into space, using nothing but a bit of engineering and soap water. Besides the fact that we always thought there was already plenty of junk in our orbit, (or for that matter, in our news,) Mr Widget’s announcement comes after winning the title of highest altitude record for propelling a pop bottle. His technique? – bicycle pump and a bit of soap. Now Mr. Schellenberg is working on engineering something that will give the ol’ pop bottle a real reason to reach upper atmosphere.

Apart from eerie military contracts on horizon, the technique Mr. Widget will attempt to employ has not been entirely perfected, which yet again begs the question of why this was reported on by the CBC in the first place. For more details, visit link.