Alien Hunting on Vacation? Why not?

by Irma Arkus

Pravda reported on a new tourist attraction aimed at UFO enthusiasts. The accommodations will be opening in Molebka, situated in Ural taiga in Russia.

Molebka is considered a central of the “M-Spot” area, making it one of better known UFO hotspots in the world. Equivalent to popular American Area 51, increasing interest in Molebka has been expressed by many tourists over the years. Now the idea of tourism has sparked action by Molebka’s government, as new hotels are built and beautification of the area will take place in order to attract tourists. Artist creations such as sculptures of popular alien imagery will be part of Molebka’s new image.

The prices of accommodations are estimated $20-40/night. Even if aliens are as real as Mickey Mouse, the prices are attractive enough to make Molebka a definite tourist attraction.