Welcome to New Manhatten

Leonardo DiCaprio’s studio along with Warner Bros. are planning to put a live action version of the dystopic anime and manga epic Akira into production. They are planning a two parter, which I am sure is all well and good, but apart from the power rangers meets Judge Dredd image accompanying the press pack, which is sad enough, the change of place is just as insulting. Instead of Neo-Tokyo and the nod to the Asian themed Gibsonesque cyberpunk genre that Akira was much in the vein of, we get New Manhatten. Yes, because everything has to happen in New York. This is simply ridiculous. Just as Godzilla was unleashed upon New York and everything else that is foreign and different the movie industry just up and changes it. Not only is this a slap in the face to the original anime/manga based fandom who are going to be the core of any audience this “two-parter” could generate, but it is also ignores the fact of the multi-racial multi-ethnic world that has also long since dropped a sense of centralized space that New York and everything that happens there has become. Sure there is some sense of creative freedom that goes into the adaption of comic and anime into a live action cgi fest that this is going to be, but this narrow sense of place is simply a disaster waiting to happen. Check out the article Here as well as more comment on this issue at Japanator.