Saigar is closed

“SaiGAR 08 Abandoned

Hi guys. I’m tired of this, and so are many others. Tournament’s suspended until further notice. Lol proxies.

SaiGAR Guy <3" was the message being displayed today on that Saigar Page which was an online contest to find out who was the most manly of men among anime for 2008. The competition was started last year as a sort of answer to the Japanese online contest “saimoe” which was to find out the most popular girly girl in anime, which usually led to men slobbering and backing their hollow wish fullfillment underage vacant down syndrome staring princesses to victory. Saigar however, was about to go into this year’s quaterfinals, but the site suddenly closed today apparently ending the contest. It really is too bad because these tournaments were a real source of enjoyment for everyone who participated. Hopefully it comes back soon.