2 Movies On the Way

2 big movie announcements were made in regards to upcoming anime movies this week. The first is a movie version of the ridiculously awesome super robot explosion masterpiece Gurren Lagann, which GAINAX is currently producing and should be out soon. The other announcement was that Hayao Miyazaki, the directorial genius behind such films as Spirited Away, Nausicaa, and Princess Monoke, and many others is returning to the directors’ chair to helm the Studio Ghibli movie Gake no Ue no Ponyo, which roughly translates to Ponyo on the Cliff. It is being described as a modern telling of the Little Mermaid story, and no there will not be singing crab or any of that Disney nonsense. As you can tell by the image I have included with this post it looks more along the lines of supernatural discovery and guessing by Miyzaki’s other works, it is going to have something to do with the environment and childhood. Regardless, I am gasming over this.