17:00-Hi-Sci-Fi by Jevon Ryan and Irma Arkus

Jevon flies solo as Irma is away sick, but discusses, Grandtheft Childhood, New Ghibli and GAINAX movies, and interviews the brilliant Joan Slonczewski about microbes, gender, her research, and her novels.

Track List for the show was:

1. Bella – No One Will Know (Mint Records)
2. Ghosthustler – Only Me To Trust (Demo)
3. Siriusimo – Simple
4. BOC Productions – Fall in Love (Alan Braxe’s Remastered Remix)
5. Arcade Lover – Fantasy Lines (In Dub)
6. Anamanguchi – Power Supply
7. Captain Ahab – The Power of Health
8. ANORAAK – NERD (Never Ending Romance Disaster)
9. Aonami – MISODISKO
10. Letter G., Kieran Hebden, Alexis Taylor – Its Gone (Julien Nriffaz 12 Inch Mix)
17:00-Hi-Sci-Fi by Jevon Ryan and Irma Arkus