We Can Do It With LASERS!

by Irma Arkus

Sun Microsystems is working on a new computing chip that would use Silicon Photonics. The proposed technology would create wafers that using laser light signals, communicate billions of bits of data per second. Lasers! They are using lasers!
This means significant increase in efficiency, as some of currently required wiring and circuitry would be eliminated.

Speaking of lasers, Gizmodo reported on Wicked Lasers– new high-tech Jedi toys – Now with 30% more Laser! Oh yeah. This laser will not only make you glow in the dark, but will also “scare away birds and animals.” The *powers* of the wicked laser are listed, and include: sting skin, open-cut healing power, pop balloon, fabric stain, and numerous other cool things. To conclude: we all want more lasers.