Skrulls: Secret Invasion Coming Out!

by Irma Arkus

Marvel is ready for its release of Secret Invasion comic series.

The appearance of Skrulls, the shapeshifting deviants plotting against so many of your heroes, and Earthlings, was first intimated in New Avengers #1 (read: long time ago). Since then, we have experienced Skrulls in many forms. From small grey ones with laser guns, to more sophisticated copies of your favorites, exhibiting their visage as well as their powers, such as in case of Elektra.

The fabulous thing about Skrulls is that they are a dark, mysterious alien force, a threat so grave that seemingly entire Marvel universe must coalesce in order to resist. Skrulls are bent on elimination of Earthlings, because as we found out, their very religion posits that Earth really belongs to them, rather than us…and those overdeveloped, spandex-wearing, muscle-bound demi-gods.

So many excellent plot-lines, so many unsolved mysteries are owed to appearance of Skrulls, and their shadowy, Machiavellian plans. Most recently, the Hulk-gone-red phenomenon has been discussed at length, and all fingers point to possibility of Skrulls having something to do with these drastic changes.

The most interesting thing about Skrulls is that their carefully planned interference has caused fragmentation across the superhero lines. Friends cannot trust friends any more, and there are no longer any enemies, because the humanity itself is in peril.

As a result, Nick Fury and Iron Man are both trying to independently assemble a trustworthy team that will help spur off the incoming Skrull attack, bringing to light new faces and old enemies.

The Secret Invasion series is a stroke of genious. Why? Because it reinvents fear. Constant and continuous paranoia of our heroes is coupled with desire to form communities, cooperate and survive. And yet, the mistrust, combined with fear of other: a possibly more superior, more crazy, religious other, the kind that appears normal one minute, and then changes shape into a dangerous, fanatical other; is blinding and dividing.

Strangely enough, just as Bond performed for us the exaggerated fears of Cold War conflict, the Secret Invasion too taps into our contemporary confusion and fear fueled by ideas behind terrorists, Iraq War, as well as economic and political corruption.

Marvel has already released a sneak preview of Secret Invasion: Prologue. And this week, has an exclusive look at the first 10 pages of Marvel’s first issue.