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A Song For An IRC BOT!

That is right. Basshunter, who I think is German, lays down this slammin Eurobeat song dedicated to none other than an IRC BOT. Check out the video over on Youtube and get funky! He also does one about dotA which is also totally awesome.

HiSciFi – Timothy Denton, The Hobbit

Today we talk about some interesting news in Science, react to the juggernaut that is “The Hobbit,” and talk net neutrality with Timothy Denton, a renowned thinker and writer on the topic.
HiSciFi – Timothy Denton, The Hobbit

Free Comic Book Day

This is shaping up to be a big week for comic book nerds everywhere. Iron Man is hitting the theaters this Friday, and on Saturday May 3 as you crawl out of your sleepy post Iron Man night dreams, it will be FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Every year comic shops all over the place will be giving visitors their choice of free comics which are a great way to tr out new series, check out some interesting new companies, artists, and writers. If you are interested in learning more, like what is available, etc., head over to the Free Comic Day Website to learn more.

IRON MAN Revealed

by Irma Arkus

Iron Man has been causing more excitement than any of the big summer blockbusters.

Perhaps because of its perfect casting, or maybe for its perfect choice of a director who actually loves this comic book stuff – Jon Favreau! – either way, the film has already been marked as great fun, even by those who have not seen it yet. Kind of like “Snakes on the Plane” but with snarky superheroes encased in metal…and coolness.

The film is opening on May 2nd, 2008 and that’s only mere days away. Whoohoo!!! Now, as a preamble, Favreau is giving us a sneak peek at the cave of Iron Man. Yes, the same cave in which he perfects his designs for the ultimate weapon!

Anyways, the link is HERE.

American Kamen Rider

OH BOY MORE TRAILERS!!! I apologize, but I can’t help it. Really…. Anyways, as some of you might know, the 12th Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Riyuki, is set to have an American adaption done by Steve Wang, the guy behind those awesome Guyver movies. It is going to be called Kamen Rider Dragon, and is supposed to be airing sometime in the next month or two on Cartoon Network in the US. of course this has been met with some terpidation and cries of NOOOOO and WHYYYYYYY by many fans of the genre known as tokusatsu, of which Power Rangers is probably the best known example of here in North Americaland. However, with the release of the trailer, which can be seen HERE , reaction to the original announcement is turning into a HOLY CRAP YES! Instead of going with the traditional inane overly moralist kiddy fair that Power Rangers is, this is looking like a far more darker series with cool bikes, cool fights, cool cgi, cool ladies, and cool evil generals in super cool government conspiracies. Sure, there is a touch of cliche to it, and yes, they are totally going to be shilling out the toys and gadgets at your local mega toystore, but damn does this look like a lot of fun and I am pretty sure that once you see the trailer you will agree.

20th Century Boys Movie Teaser

It really has been a week of teasing. Venture Bros and now this. On the Official site for the upcoming movie trilogy, 20th Century Boys which is based on the brilliant manga by Naoki Kurusawa, a teaser trailer is up showing the Book of Prophecy and other things that really wets the appetite for part 1. The first part is due out in Japan on August 30th, and hopefully in North America ASAP! The manga is unlicensed, unlike the brilliant Monster, which Kurusawa also penned and drew, but can be found online in handy scanlations. Just check out Manga News to find yourself some copies of the manga as well as the sequel, 21st Century Boys. Both are everything you would want in complex suspense/thrillers that Kurusawa has really become a true master of. The official site also has a list of the actors involved as well as it pounds with the classic T. Rex song that many will recognize from the title.

The Hobbit Gets a Director

After last year’s resolution between Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema that officially kicked off the production that is going to be the Hobbit, Jackson has been looking for a director. The man behind the epic LOTR Trilogy has moved to producers chair, perhaps feeling the effects of the long haul that was putting together the three epic grandaddy monsters that were LOTR. Of course this lead to a bunch of irrational freak outs by those with interests in this kicking some ass, but fear not. We are officially in good hands. As announced in the LA Times , Slashdot , and many other news sources for that matter, the one and the only Guillermo Del Toro has been tapped to direct the Hobbit. If you don’t know who Del Toro is, he is the guy behind such films as Hellboy 1 and 2, as well as the recent dark fantasy masterpiece, Pan’s Labyrinth This is like tapping Robert J. Sawyer to write for your SciFi franchise that you happen to have kicking around. Awesome choice.

Venture Bros. Season 3 Teaser at New York Comicon!

When we last saw Venture Bros., Doctor Girlfriend was busy telling Monarch something important that she was… but we never got to hear. All we got was the Monarch’s shreik of “What!” as the second season of one of the coolest cartoons to ever come our way left us on the edge of an almighty cliffhanger. Now they are teasing us more. The teaser trailer for season 3 was rolled out at the New York Comic Con this week and it has been put online in all its streamable/downloadable/watchable glory. Needless to say I am pumped, and needless to say you better click HERE and make way for the homo superior!

Frank Miller Interview

Entertainment Weekly has posted an interview with Frank Miller in which he discusses much about his two upcoming movies; The Spirit and Sin City 2. It is definitely going to be interesting to see how they visually differ as well as their through their tone and thematics, etc. The obvious answer is, which he spells out, one is in colour and the other is not. WHOOOOA Frank. Slooooow down.

Star Wars Drunk Driving PSA

Back in 1979 this little beauty was made warning us all not to drink and drive. Thank-you George Lucas.